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Duties and Responsibilities

Office Holder

Grand Knight
  • Presides over all meetings
  • Appoints program and membership directors
  • Appoints committees as needed
  • Countersigns checks and orders for payment
  • Responsible for the council's First Degree Team
John F. Moran
Deputy Grand Knight
  • Assists the Grand Knight with operation of the council and any other duties assigned to him by the grand knight
  • In the absence of the grand knight, presides at council meetings
  • Recommended to serve on the council's Retention Committee
Joseph A. Skowronski
  • Has the duty of strengthening the members' interest in council activities
  • Assists the Grand Knight and Deputy Grand Knight with their duties as assigned
  • Recommended to serve on the council's Admission Committee
David A Bermingham
  • Responsible for keeping and maintaining a true
    and permanent record of all actions of the council and maintains all correspondence of the council
Thomas Broderick, PGK
Financial Secretary

Upon recommendation of the Grand Knight and the Trustees, the Financial Secretary is appointed for a three-year term that is approved by the Supreme Knight.

  • Collects money, in the form of dues, from members. Responsible for sending billing notices and initiating retention measures by providing a list of delinquent members to the grand knight to prevent members from being suspended for nonpayment of dues
  • Ensures that the council membership records are updated and that new members sign the constitutional roll
  • Receives from the Supreme Council Headquarters honorary and honorary life membership cards for distribution to qualified members
  • Files various reports and membership/insurance transactions with the Supreme Council Headquarters
  • Responsible for completing and submitting the proper 990 for the council (U.S. only)
Michael D. Swiger
  • Charged with handling council funds
  • Receives money from Financial Secretary and deposits it in the proper council accounts
  • Responsible for paying all council expenses, including assessments from the Supreme Council
Keith George, PGK
  • Serves as spiritual advisor to the brother Knights and families of that council
Fr. Donald Heet, OSFS
  • Acts as parliamentarian for the council
  • When needed, will seek legal assistance from the state advocate
Kevin McManus
  • Responsible for supervising and maintaining all council property
  • Sets up council chambers for meetings and degree exemplifications
  • Oversees inside and outside guards
David Siewert
Inside Guard


  • Attend the doors of the council chamber, checking for current membership cards and allowing entrance into the chamber.
Richard Devlin
Outside Guard


Chris Yorke
Trustee for One Year

The Board of Trustees consists of the Grand Knight and three other elected members

  • The Board of Trustees supervises all financial business of the council and conducts the semiannual audits
  • Trustees are elected for terms of three years, two years and one year. At each regular election, the position of each trustee will be voted upon, with the current three- and two-year trustees moving on to become the two- and one-year trustees, respectively
Chris Gallagher, PGK
Trustee for Two Years Kevin Kramp, PGK
Trustee for Three Years John Claman, PGK

Source: Knights of Columbus Leadership Resources

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District Deputy Thomas Yehl
Fraternal Benefits Advisor Bill Lupinacci 703-624-9687