March 2024 Knight and Family of the Month

March Knight of the Month

Mike Dimaiuta has been named Family of Man Council’s March Knight of the Month for his unwavering dedication to community service. For years, he’s selflessly volunteered with the Saint John Neumann High School Youth Group, impacting countless lives with his commitment and compassion. His tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed, as he was recently honored by the Arlington Diocese of Youth, Campus, and Young Adult Ministries as Volunteer of the Year. Mike’s passion for helping others shines brightly, inspiring those around him to make a difference. His recognition as Knight of the Month is a testament to his outstanding contributions and the positive influence he continues to spread.

March Family of the Month

Keith George and his family have been named Family of Man Council’s Family of the Month for March, celebrating their steadfast commitment to community and camaraderie. Serving as Council Treasurer, Keith is an integral part of Council events, whether on-site or working diligently behind the scenes. For years, the Georges have graciously hosted a Super Bowl Party for members, fostering fellowship and fun. As participation grew, Keith orchestrated a move to accommodate more attendees, securing permission to host the event at SJN and opening its doors to both parish and Council families. Their dedication to fostering unity and inclusion embodies the spirit of service and togetherness.


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